PMB Double Rollar 3 Passes Polishing Machine
Product characteristics
Product Detail Parameters

Uses: It is suitable for polishing treatment of knitted fabric, such as flannel, blankets, woolen velvets etc. It is with high efficiency and the treated fabric feels fluffy, looks bright and has good raised pile looks.


It can apply triple polish continuously on fabric. It has good polishing effects and high efficiency.

Touch screen operation: PLC control, inverter controlled speed and storage up to 500 sets of parameters. All the parameters of polishing rollers temperature, polishing rollers distance, fabric speed etc. are set on the touch screen. It is with high automation.

Power input of polishing rollers is controlled by solid state relays, which has higher stability and long life comparing to traditional relays.

Fabric feeding tension is step mode controlled and is easy to operate.

The surface of polishing rollers is treated with mirror polish. They are with strong penetration and achieve high efficiency.

It is equipped with automatic centering device, which corrects deviations of rubber band.

Precise temperature control module has high precision and can control temperature in the range of ±2℃.



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