SMA/D inline Shearing Machine
Product characteristics
Product Detail Parameters

Uses: This shearing machine features multipurpose function and is widely used in all kinds of fabric shearing, such as towels, woolen fabric, blankets, embroidery, warp knitted fabric, flannel, polar fleece, super soft fabric etc. One fabric pass with two shearing process, which dramatically increase shearing efficiency.


Shearing system Using the most popular brand in the world German made shearing cylinder blades and flat blade, which ensure shearing quality.

Control system: PLC control and speed regulation by inverter. It is with high automation and energy saving up to 30%.

Shearing Height: Electric regulation, numeric display and high precision up to 0.02mm.

Shearing cylinder bearings: Using Japan made NSK brand bearings, which are with high precision and long using life.

Belts tension of shearing cylinder: The belts are pneumatic tensioned, which maintains constant tension and effects stable driving and high efficiency.

Meter detecting device: Equipped with metal detecting device, the machine stops with its alarm going once the device detect any metal materials on fabric, which ensures safe and reliable running.

Adjustments on shearing cylinder and flat blade: Using special designed adjusting mechanism, it is convenient to make any adjustments. Precise scales are showed on the mechanism.

Automatic centering device (Option): The device can pre-expand fabric and keep fabric in the middle of the machine avoiding fabric from deflecting



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