GMH High Speed Brushing Machine
Product characteristics
Product Detail Parameters

Uses: It is suitable for fabric brushing treatment of comfortable cotton velvet, polar fleece, coral fleece, flannel etc.


Touch screen operation: PLC control, inverter controlled speed and storage up to 500 sets of parameters.

Speed regulation control: Speed of cylinder and fabric, fabric tension, raising force are controlled by inverters. It has multiple usage.Brushing rollers: High strength thicken materials are used on roller body, which are balance tested and are not easy to distort. Roller ends uses force relief support design, which greatly increases the using life of bearings and also increases their anti-bend ability.

Brushing rollers’ bearings: Using Japan made NSK brand bearings, which are oil free maintenance design and are with long using life.

刷毛辊数量(支)Number of brushing rollers (pcs)24
刷毛辊直径(mm)Brushing roller diameter76
走布速度(m/min)Fabric speed5~21m/min
装机功率Power consumption47KW


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