RMF Raising Machine(Gears TyPe)

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  • Features

    Operation method: Buttons operation

    Raising rollers transmission: Gear transmission makes high raising strength and stable raising force.

    Speed adjusting method: Fabric speed and raising force are adjusted by changing gears. There is a reference chart for comparisons of fabric speed, raising force and gear sets. The adjustments are conducted in the left cabinet.

    Raising rollers: High strength thicken materials are used on roller body, which are balance tested and are not easy to distort. Roller ends uses force relief support design, which greatly increases the using life of bearings and also increases their anti-bend ability.

    Raising rollers’ bearings: Using Japan made NSK brand bearings, which are oil free maintenance design and are with long using life.

  • 型号(Model)RMF20RMF22
    布速(m/min)Fabric speed12~28
    起毛辊数量(支)Number of raising rollers (pcs)24
    起毛辊直径(mm)Raising roller diameter6270
    锡林转速(rpm)Cylinder speed100
    主机功率(KW)Power consumption9.713.2